Rates are per person per night and include all meals, a daily laundry service and the use of all facilities except for room air conditioning, special bicycles and the kayaks for which additional charges apply. 

From 2014 the per night rate for employees of other agencies in Thai baht are:-

                    Adult                   13-18 years                  6-12 years            Under 6 years

    Share         750                         750                           360                       180

    Single         800               

Company member rates are available on request, members are also able to pay the fees via IOT; please supply member number.

PLEASE NOTE: We will never cancel your booking unless there is an emergency. We operate on a first booked in first come basis.

Mid-December to February, April, June to mid August, and mid-October are our peak times. As demand for rooms during those times is particularly high, we would ask that you give us a minimum of three weeks notice if you have to cancel your booking. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee based on the amount of days which are cancelled. Please inform us as soon as possible of changes so that we may be able to find alternative guests.