How To Get There

The Pines - 577, Khlongwaan-Waghor Road Amphur Muang, PrachuabKhirikhan Thailand 77000.

Please note that travel to The Pines is estimated at 6.5 hours after the scheduled airport arrival time if hiring a private taxi or van. Travel times are 7.5 hours or longer if planning to use public transport. It would be appreciated if guests could plan their arrival at The Pines prior to 22.00 or 10.00pm so other guests are not disturbed.


Public Transport to Prachuap from Bangkok:

By Bus:

Take a meter taxi to the First Class Southern Bus Station.

สถานีสายใต้ชั้นหนึ่ง - Sathaanii Saay Taay Chan Nung (show this to the taxi driver)

There are 2 buildings. 1. The first class (white and blue) air-con buses going to Prachuap leave every hour on the hour, 6 a.m. to 1 a.m and cost 230 baht. 2. The second class (white, blue and orange) air-con buses leave twice each hour (on the hour and half hour) and cost 200 baht.  First class is highly recommended.  Second class is slower (maybe an extra hour) and doesn’t have a toilet on the bus. 

Note:  Some long distance buses to South Thailand will let you out on the highway outside of town.  There are only motorcycles at that location (therefore problem with your luggage) so it is better to get a bus that goes specifically to Prachuap.  When you buy your ticket tell them you need to go into the town of Prachuap.

 (Sometimes spelled Prajuab or Prachuab).


By Train

Board at Hua Lumpong station or Bang Sue station which is nearer to the company Bangkok home and will save you needing to go all the way downtown to the main station.  Buy a ticket before getting on the train (from 250 baht depending on the class of train).  Not all south-bound trains stop at Prachuap and often the stops are not announced on the train. Copy the following into your browser search window.

             State Railway of Thailand -


By Van:  

a) You can hire a van to take you directly to The Pines.  The cost is around 3600-4500 baht from the Suwannaphum or Don Muang airports and from the Bangkok company home. Contact the hosts ahead of time to ask them to arrange this for you.

b) A commercial van from PinKlao ปิ่นเกล้า will bring you direct to the gate for 240 per seat, please note this has limited luggage capacity so you may need to purchase a seat for it. When booking your seat(s) ask to be taken to “Baan + _ _ _" (Company Name) NOTE we are NOT KNOWN as “The Pines”. Phone Bangkok 089 2085863; Prachuab 086 1641437.

c) A commercial van from the new Southern Bus Station (see directions on "Commercial Van Location" tab). It will cost 240 baht per person. Please note this has limited luggage capacity so you may need to purchase a seat for it.


By Taxi:

A taxi will bring you from the Bangkok company home or from the airport for 3500-4000 baht, limited to 4 people and luggage. Contact the hosts ahead of time to ask them to arrange this for you.


Travel to The Pines from Prachuap

The Pines is about 13 kms. south of Prachuap. The road goes through the village of Klongwaan and The Pines is located 3 kms. further south in the Waghor district.

Motorbike with side-carts are waiting at both the bus and train stations any time of the day or night (nearly all drivers are familiar with The Pines as “Baan + _ _ _" (Company Name) NOTE we are NOT KNOWN as “The Pines”.  Night rates are often a little more expensive than day rates.  The cost is 150-200 baht per person or 100 baht per person for a number of people.


Driving Directions to The Pines:

From Bangkok take route 35 to Samut Songkhran. Then take route 4 to Petchaburi, Hua Hin Prachuap.

Don’t turn off high at the main Prachuap intersection. Travel along another 15 kilometers to Kilometer marker 319 (past turn off to Khlongwaan and Daan Singkon border) Turn in at Kilometre 319 (there is a Sala and wood shop on the corner. Travel 2.6 km along this road until you get to a T-section (You’ll pass a house with lots of coconut shells out front and go over the railway line). At the T-section you will see a sign for Rural Road 1041. Turn right (sign says “To Petgaseem”). Drive for 1.5 km until you see a road on your left (There is a blue and white sign “The Pines” on the corner). Turn left. This short road ends at the beach. Turn left again at the t-section. Proceed down the road. The Pines is on the right side of the road (first house on the right side of the road).