There are many ways to get to The Pines (from Bangkok). If you don't have your own car, we would highly recommend a Private Door to Door Van  (especially if you are flying into Bangkok or Hua Hin). We can arrange a Private Door to Door Van for you.  

There are of course some cheaper options, but you will need to do your own research and arrange these yourself, including how to get from Prachuap town to The Pines (note: there are no Taxi or Grab services in this area).  There is some information below on these options, but since Covid, things have changed, and the below was put together before Covid.   

Apologies, The Pines does not pick up or drop off guests.

577 ถนนคลองวาฬ-หว้ากอ
ประจวบคีรีขันธ์ 77000

577 Khlongwaan-Waghor Road
Amphur Muang,
Prachuab Khirikhan
Thailand 77000.

Call us on: 091-604-6869

Public Van from Mor Chit New Van Terminal to The Pines
Location – Mor Chit New Van Terminal. The Google Map address is
Show the taxi driver the sentence below.  
ไปสถานี เดินรถโดยสารขนาดเล็กหมอชิต

Walk in the main front entrance. In front of you will be a main building, “Building Information”. To the right of the building is a signpost. Turn right and walk down to Ticket Building D
Go to counter 1. (It is on the far left as you walk in the door. Near the TV monitor on the wall)
Ask for ticket to The Pines, Prachuap (250 baht per person). You may need to book extra seat for luggage.

I want to buy ticket to go to The Pines, Prachuap in Thai– 
ไป เดอะร์ไพนส์ (บ้าน โอ เม็อ เอฟ) ที่คลองวาฬหว้ากอ ประจวบ

After you buy a ticket, the lady will ask you to sit on some seats directly opposite Counter 1. The van departure time is on the top of the ticket. When the van is ready the lady will direct you to the driver, who will take you to the van. The van makes one bathroom/toilet stop about 2-3 hours into the journey. If you need to stop for the bathroom/toilet just tell the driver. The trip to The Pines takes between 4-6 hours. 

Click here for PDF with photos of these instructions.

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