Commercial Van Location Map

Location – Southern Bus Station.

Recently the van service was moved from Victory Monument to the Southern Bus Station.

You can take a bus or van to the New Southern Bus Station. If going by taxi show the driver the sentence below


Go to counter 4. The ticket booth has a yellow sign. Ask for ticket to The Pines, Prachuap (250 baht per person). You may need to book extra seat for luggage.

I want to buy ticket to go to The Pines, Prachuap

ไปเดอะร์ไพนส์ (บ้าน โอ เมอ เฟ)  ที่คลองวาฬหว้ากอ  ประจวบ

  Photo of new Southern Bus Station                                    Counter 4

 The Business card of the van company.

Remember to always take The Pines phone number with you in case you run into troubles!!!