How To Get There / Address & Local Area Map

Where we are in Bangkok


Options on how to come to Bangkok Home from Suvarnabhumi Airport


By Limousine

Outside each Exit Door there is a counter for AOT Limousine Service with Cars in different sizes.

Cost: from 1,500 Baht upward




By Public Taxi

At Arrival which is on Level 2 you follow the sign to "Public Taxis" (Door No 3 or No 10). There are several desks to sign up for a Taxi; make sure it is the public one. Many other Taxis are offering their service, but they are more expensive. You will have to pay 50 Baht registration fee at the end of the journey. The Taxi uses a Meter.

Cost: around 420 Baht plus approx. 150 Baht Toll Gate fees.






By Public Transport

Outside Arrivals you will find signs  for "Shuttle Bus”; the "Express Shuttle Bus" takes you to the Bus Terminal. There the Van going to Don Muang is standing just where the Shuttle Bus stops. Get off at Don Muang Temple. Cost for Van: approx. 50 Baht. From There you take either a Taxi to Bangkok Home for about 80 Baht or, if you are “insider” you take a Song Thaew or a Motor Bike Taxi opposite the Don Muang Temple.



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